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Fitness Plan Functional medicine is a branch of healthcare that focuses on optimizing a person's overall health. Instead of treating one part of your body, at Anderson Wellness Care takes a different approach and treats your body as a whole. In a functional medicine exercise program, Dr. Nathan Anderson revolves your treatment around promoting strength, stability, and flexibility, so everyday tasks become easier. Functional medicine therapy also helps prevent injuries. 

Why Functional Medicine Exercise Programs Are Important

Even if you don't exercise each day, you're still moving, whether you're mowing grass, gardening, or performing indoor household tasks. All of these tasks place stress on your body. A task as simple as lifting a box can stress your body. With functional medicine exercise programs, Dr. Anderson focuses on exercises that strengthen the muscles that you use most often. 

Examples of Functional Medicine Exercises 

In addition to strengthening your arms and legs, functional medicine places emphasis on your core muscles as well. These are the ones in your abdominal area that are responsible for stability. 

One example of a functional medicine exercise is a squat. Squats are particularly beneficial for building leg muscles, the same ones you should use when you lift something heavy from off the ground or even when you sit down and stand up. Generally, a squat can help protect your knees from damage in the future as well. 

Another example of an exercise that a functional medicine Dr. Anderson may encourage you to perform is a stair climb with dumbbells. You're exercising your leg and arm muscles simultaneously. The muscles you're working during this exercise are the same ones you use when you're carrying laundry up and down your steps. 

Why Choose Functional Medicine Exercise Programs 

Unless you're a highly athletic person who routinely workouts most days or partake in sports on a regular basis, you may not need an exercise program that's going to help you build massive leg and arm muscles. You might not need to be able to increase your cardio resistance to high levels. Instead, you need exercises that help you throughout the physical activities you partake in on most days. 

You may also want a program that's customizable to your physical abilities completely. Functional medicine accomplishes this. 

Functional medicine has its share of benefits, especially for people who aren't looking to be able to lift 200 lbs or who aren't trying to lose 60 pounds in a short period of time. Functional medicine exercise programs are for the real world and are highly customizable to a person's needs and desires. Contact our office today to learn more and set up an appointment at 800-462-8749.

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